2 Jun 2020

The practical choice for surface finishes of natural stone

Natural stone is both beautiful and practical material. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and it has a very low life cycle cost. By using different surface finishes the stone can be adjusted to various uses in a practical way.

Here we will guide you through some of the practical choices for surface finish of the natural stone.

Practical choice for surface finishes of natural stone

Depending on if you want to use natural stone for cladding, on indoor walls or floors there are different surface finishes that will meet your demands. At Scandinavian Stone we have many years of experience within the field so below we have sorted some of them to make it easier for you to choose.

Surface finishes that are easy to clean

The leather finish is a look similar to one of the leather pieces. It has a textured and pebbly surface with small pits and fissures that give it a natural look. Like a leather, texture can vary from slab to slab. This way the surface looks less glossy and makes it easy to clean and maintain. Leather surface finish is very suitable for countertops.

Surface finishes that are practical for walls and floors

Honed stone finish yields a very smooth texture ranging from dull matte to a satin sheen. They are also slip-resistant and scratch-resistant. That’s why honed stone finish often is applied on walls and floors of bathrooms, kitchen splashes, and pool deck like spaces.

It also provides a good outdoor walking surface for patios, paths, and porches.

Surface finishes good for cladding

Depending on what look one wants to achieve, the use of a polished or sawn stone finish could be used. The polished stone finish creates a shiny luxurious cladding that is easily maintained. The sawn finish is more ruff and is made by cutting the stone into tiles using a gang saw or block cutter. This type of finishing is suitable for natural stone like granite and the tiles are used mainly for exterior designs, such as cladding, walls and gate entries

Surface finishes useful for outdoors

Bush Hammered stone finish is an ideal technique to create slip-resistance surfaces for wet area applications and outdoor applications. A mechanical hammer hits the stone and leaves small indentations on the surface. The result leaves the surface of the stone smooth with small indentations and makes it very useful for external applications like paving or walkways.



ByEric Lundmark
Tags: finishes


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