Natural stone of Scandinavian Quality – from quarrying to delivery

Natural stone is a living material with a wide range of different uses. Our stones cover most needs – from impressive facades and stylish floors, to natural outdoor environments and discreetly stylish monuments. Sustainability is one of our guiding principles. In everything from how we work in the quarry, to the quality of material we deliver – and how we deliver it. This is what we call Scandinavian Quality.


From the blackest diabase to beautifully marbled gneiss. Our thirteen quarries give you a world of opportunities.

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With long experience of quarrying and processing, along with our sophisticated, recognised stonemasons’ knowledge of the anatomy of a stone quarry, we create products that exploit the full potential of stone.

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By dividing our blocks into different classes depending on appearance and colour variation, we make it easier to assess their quality without actually having to see them.

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Areas of use

Indoors, outdoors, house facades and memorial stones. Our stones create sustainable aesthetic qualities wherever they are used.

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