For us, quality is not only about grading our stone blocks and taking responsibility for any anomalies. It’s just as much about how we extract our stone, health and safety at our quarries, and the service and flexibility our customers are entitled to expect. How do you want your product?

Our production sites are located at 13 quarries in Sweden and Norway. We use different methods, some mechanical and some based entirely on traditional craftsmanship. Depending on the nature of the rock, we use blasting, drilling, sawing or wedging.

Get a closer look at how our stones can create sustainable aesthetic qualities whatever kind of project you’re planning. In our section for inspiration, you can see a collection of projects with stones from us.

Scandinavian Stone is part of Naturstenskompaniet International, Sweden’s largest corporate group in natural stone.

After working as a foreman at a cooperative company in Bjärlöv, southern Sweden, Mr. Albin Persson started a stonemasonry in 1933, which eventually came to be called A P Sten. He ran the company successfully for many years until eventually his son Bertil Persson took over.

Natural stone is not only necessary to a functioning infrastructure in the shape of roads, railways, ports and airports, and therefore to employment and development in trade and industry.





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The widespread new Coronavirus is affecting us all and authorities in all countries are taking measures to limit the negative impact of the disease. Scandinavian Stone is following the decided regulations and way to act which Swedish authorities are implementing.



Why is natural stone more sustainable than other materials?

Reducing energy demand and CO2 emissions is more important now than ever. And because the construction industry makes a major contribution to global CO2 emissions and energy consumption, construction products should have the lowest possible environmental impact.