Our quarries

We have 13 stone quarries in Sweden and Norway, all with their own unique character and history.


Our latest, relatively new quarry can be found just north of Lönsboda in the north-east of Skåne province. We have been quarrying our unique diabase here, with its special structure and mica, since 2015. 


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The Bjärlöv quarry is north of the city of Kristianstad in Skåne province, and has been around since the early 1900s. There is a rich deposit of granite here, which is world leading when it comes to cleavability, producing the beautiful, varied raw surface. It is also ideal for making paving stones, kerbstones and walls.


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North of Älmhult in southern Småland province lies Brännhult, a black diabase quarry since the 1950s. Operations closed down in the 1970s but gathered momentum again in the late 1990s, and today Swedish Black Brännhult is our best-selling diabase.


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Bårarp is situated north of Halmstad in Halland province, and is Sweden’s biggest open-pit quarry for ornamental stone. The material we quarry here is gneiss, which is characterised by a beautifully marbled colour variation. Bårarp has been operating since 1980 and comprises four stone quarries around the same outcrop. 


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Duvhult can be found north of Lönsboda in the north-east of Skåne province. This is where we quarry Swedish Black Duvhult, one of the world’s most dense, fine-grained and black stone materials, which makes it highly exclusive. The Duvhult quarry has been operating since the 1960s.


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Our Ekeröd quarry is in the north of Skåne province near Glimåkra, and is where we mine a stone called syenite. Syenite is a crystalline plutonic rock that largely comprises feldspar and hornblende, and occurs only sparsely in Sweden. Syenite takes its name from the city of Syene, the old name of the modern city of Aswan in Egypt. 


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In operation since the 1980s, the Flivik quarry lies north of Oskarshamn in Småland province. This is where we quarry Swedish Grey Flivik and the dark Swedish Mahogany Flivik, depending on which part of the quarry the stone comes from. Both of these variations are popular.


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Gylsboda, south of Lönsboda in north-east Skåne province, is where we quarry a black diabase that has grown very popular. The quarry has been operating since the late 1800s. 


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Our Hjortsjö quarry is not far from Rydaholm in the southern Swedish province of Småland. Mining of black diabase began back in 1900 and continued until 1977. It started up again in 2000, when we acquired the land and started up the stone quarry again.


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Black diabase has been quarried in Hägghult, west of Lönsboda in north-east Skåne province, since the late 19th century. The quarry has been in continuous operation ever since, and has had as many as 120 employees at times. 


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Iddefjord, Norway

The quarry is located on the Iddefjorden fjord outside of Halden in Norway, close to the Swedish border. At our Skriverøya quarry, which started as long ago as 1840, we quarry the grey Bohus granite. A lot of the stone was supplied for the reconstruction of Hamburg in Germany, which suffered a large fire in 1842.


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Kulla is a quarry south of Lönsboda in north-east Skåne province. Grey granite was quarried here on-and-off from the 1950s, and production has been continuous since the 1980s. 


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The quarry in Vånga lies north of Kristianstad in north-east Skåne province and has been operating since the 1920s. Today we operate four quarries here, extracting Swedish Red Vånga. 


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