Outside wall, facade, floor or memorial stone? Our stones create possibilities.

Indoors, or outdoors. Countertops, building facades, artworks or memorials. Our stones create sustainable aesthetic qualities whatever kind of project you’re planning.


Since granite is extremely sustainable, from both an environmental and a quality perspective, it is perfectly suited to outdoor use. That could mean anything from block paving stones to posts, walls to stairs, but also accessibility measures such as tactile assistance through tactile paving and stopping areas.


Granite is an excellent material for creating character and atmosphere in different kinds of interior. Aesthetic, expert technical stonework is characterized by a conscious, well-considered choice of stone type, color, pattern, flatness and surface processing. Thanks to its suitable properties, granite is often chosen to cope with the severe stresses of fireplaces. Choosing the right stone and surface process increases the stone’s life span and simplifies maintenance.


Granite cladding can be used for facades, or to clad walls, building foundations, and pillars. The raw-wedged surface gives a solid impression, while the low weight allows manual cladding onto the building. L-shaped stones in the visible corners of the cladding make it appear about 200 mm thick, whereas the actual thickness is only 40 mm.

Granite cladding makes it possible to tailor the exterior impression to your requirements, whether in public or private environments. The variety of colors from light and dark grey to red allows a wide range of variations.

Natural stone cladding grows more beautiful with age while requiring a minimum of maintenance.


Memorial stones and headstones are traditionally made of natural stone. This is quite natural as the material stands the test of time without losing its luster, while also conveying a sense of grandeur. Polished black diabase is a material often used for headstones.