22 Dec 2020

Quarrying and Eagle Owls, a successful combination

Scandinavian Stone got the opportunity to invite our personnel to an unique event, the ringing and release of Eurasian Eagle Owls (Bubo bubo) 

It’s Skåne Ornithological Society (SkOF) that manage Project Eagle Owl Skåne and are responsible for the release of Eagle Owls raised in enclosure. The Eagle Owl is a bird of prey that have been endangered, and through the years they have been bred in an attempt to save the species. This year, SkOF invited Scandinavian Stone to attend the release as a favor for our quarrying.

Quarrying creates natural ledges on the stone walls that are perfect for the Eagle Owl, and can be used as nesting sites. The Eagle Owl also has the ability to adapt to our operations. During daytime, when we work with quarrying stone, it’s resting. And when our staff heads home after a work day, they come out and start their nightly hunt for prey.

The Eagle Owls also has the ability to recognize our personnel, so if somebody unknown enters the quarry, they get disturbed and hide. Old abandoned quarries actually have more variation in movement and sound, which feels frightening for the Eagle Owl.

This night, two Eagle Owls was about to get released, hopefully finding their own territories and help to secure the future of the tribe. Scandinavian Stone’s personnel have a great interest in nature and more than 40 showed up.

Arne Hegemann and Patrik Andersson from SkOF started by talking about the non-profit work that is done within the association and then they told a lot of interesting facts about the Eagle Owl. Afterwards, the two Eagle Owls were ringed and released in to the wild for the first time. The evening ended with grilling hot dogs, home baked apple pie and coffee.

Many was interested in the Eagle Owl

Patrik Andersson and Arne Hegemann rings the Eagle Owl

The Eagle Owl in all its glory

To pat an Eagle Owl is a rare privilege

Ready for take off

To be out in the wild for the first time is not easy. After about 100 m the Eagle Owl needed to rest in a pine and consider it’s next move. Normally the Eagle Owl stays in the neighborhood during the first couple of weeks after it’s released before it starts to search for its own territory..

If you want to learn more about the Eagle Owl you can visit www.skof.se (In Swedish)

ByEric Lundmark
Tags: sustainability


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