1 Jan 2019

New name, new website – but with the same focus on sustainability

In 2018, Swimpex Granite changed its name to Scandinavian Stone. A name that better represents what we stand for: Natural stone from Scandinavia, with quality and sustainability at every stage. We call it Quality by Nature. Since January 2019, we have also launched a new website with the aim to clarify our offering and simplifying for our customers.

Natural stone stands for sustainability

From a life-cycle perspective, natural stone is one of the most sustainable materials that exist. All stones can be reused, it is a purely natural product and it helps create environments that are harmonious and inviting. Both from an aesthetic and a human perspective.

That is why our vision is “a sustainable, beautiful world”. We want to help make natural stone the obvious choice and get more architects, construction companies, builders and monument and headstone makers to see its benefits. 

Scandinavian Quality in everything we do

An important part of this work is to offer our customers a high level of service and a sustainable offering with “Scandinavian Quality”. This means more than being customer focused. It also means that we have high quality in terms of working environment, methods and long-term thinking. For example, we actively strive to improve working conditions and to work as efficiently as possible in order to quarry the stone in an optimal way. 

New website makes it easier for our customers

The latest initiative in our work to get people to discover the benefits of natural stone is our new website. Here we have an inspiration page where architects, builders, monument and headstone makers and other interested people can get ideas and concepts about how natural stone can enhance both the aesthetic experience and long-term sustainability of any project or monument.

But our new website also has a lot of features that make it easier for anyone looking for a particular material. Our section of various stone types and designs, arranged by colours, makes it easy to navigate among our materials. In addition, there are easy ways to contact us to, for example, book a visit to the quarry or request a quote.

Welcome to Scandinavian Stone!


ByEric Lundmark
Tags: about us values


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