In operation since the 1980s, the Flivik quarry lies north of Oskarshamn in Småland province. This is where we quarry Swedish Grey Flivik and the dark Swedish Mahogany Flivik, depending on which part of the quarry the stone comes from. Both of these variations are popular.

Parts of Tokyo City Hall and various projects in the USA have used stone from Flivik. The world’s oldest arch bridge Norrebro, which links the Royal Palace with central Stockholm, was also paved with stone from Flivik when it was renovated in 2009.



Swedish Grey Flivik

A stone from the Swedish east coast that´s aesthetically grey with dashes of red and blue.

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flivik swedish grey_polished

Swedish Grey Flivik, polished


Swedish Mahogany Flivik

The dark granite from Flivik is calm and harmonious in colour, and comes in two varieties: the more finegrained Swedish Mahogany Flivik Premium and Swedish Mahogany Flivik.

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flivik premium_polished

Swedish Mahogany Flivik, polished