Our Ekeröd quarry is in the north of Skåne province near Glimåkra, and is where we mine a stone called syenite. Syenite is a crystalline plutonic rock that largely comprises feldspar and hornblende, and occurs only sparsely in Sweden.

Syenite takes its name from the city of Syene, the old name of the modern city of Aswan in Egypt. The syenite from Ekeröd has a dark/black basic colour with nuances of green. The material is primarily used for headstones, but has also become popular for construction stone products.



Swedish Green Ekeröd

This green-black syenite has shades of green and brown. There are also glimpses of silver, violet and even gold flakes. When polished, this is a highly vibrant stone.

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Swedish Green Ekeröd polished